The B&T Tree Service Company in Clearwater Florida

I’m happy that B&T’s Tree Service Clearwater Florida is still in business. I first discovered them 15 years ago when my wife asked me to trim some trees on her property. I had never done this before and really did not know what to expect, but I managed to finish the job in a short amount of time.

“B&T’s Tree Service has been in business since 1958 and is always changing and growing. They are especially known for their services to residential customers like mine. “We have several types of trees on our property, primarily trees that provide shade and privacy like palms and oaks. Sometimes we have larger trees like maples and black oaks. B&T also offers tree services for commercial properties like warehouses, schools and businesses.”

“They are well-known for their expert knowledge and ability to trim trees. When trimming trees they use a high-powered chain saw with diamond blades that are totally safe. “They also use an attachment called the Chainsawzor that allows them to cut branches like a tree surgeon would. B&T will usually send out a team of tree surgeons to do any necessary tree felling in Clearwater Florida and they will do the best they can to make sure your trees are cut correctly. B&T is also great at removing dead trees, removing diseased ones and trimming overgrown ones.

“I’m not sure if B&T’s Tree Service still has trees on their rolls in Clearwater Florida, because I have rarely used them. When I have loved the expertise and friendly staff. The trees are still there though. B&T prides itself on maintaining an inventory of its trees so you never know when one might become a liability. They will also gladly give you a free estimate for removing a tree that may become hazardous for you, your house or your family.”

B&T’s tree service for residential customers in Clearwater Florida is available in many areas. You can get a free no obligation quote online or by phone. If you live in Seminole, Fort Lauderdale or Pinellas County and you need a tree removed quickly call B&T’s tree service. The specialists can come out as soon as possible to ensure that your home or business is protected.

The B&T tree removal company in Clearwater Florida has been serving the community for over forty years. They have worked with homeowners and business owners in Clearwater and throughout the entire state of Florida. B&T’s tree services are devoted to providing the best customer service and environmental sensitivity possible. If you would like to learn more about B&T’s tree services for your Clearwater Florida home or business, please visit their website today.


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